BALANCE: Balance is starting to get the recognition it deserves. Unfortunately, I don’t think a plastic bracelet with a hologram on it is the best way to acquire this essential body function. Finding your core, strengthening your core, finding your center of gravity, strengthening your feet: some of the ways you can start to get better at riding a bike, surfing, playing soccer and basketball. It can also help you get get out of a chair when you’re 90. Start now and you won’t need help getting out of a chair when you’re 40.

STRENGTH: The importance of strengthening muscles is well understood. However, which muscles to strengthen and the appropriate way to do so is not such a huge part of the collective unconscious. Combining resistance, weight bearing, isometric, eccentric and concentric muscle contractions, as well as re-patterning muscle groups and balancing phasic and postural muscles is the key. Sound like a bunch of crap? Well, it’s not. I can show you how it’s done and how it creates functional, healthy strength that won’t pull your knee caps out of alignment and screw up your legs for all of eternity (just an example). Plus you’ll look hotter.

ALIGNMENT: Our skeleton is made of bones. Our bones are held together by joints, muscles and connective tissue. If we move our muscles, our muscles move our bones. Let’s all use our muscles to move our bones into nice comfortable places that make us feel good, stand taller, move easier and look better.

FLEXIBILITY: Incorporating stretching and wide rage of motion into a session increases flexibility little by little. Touching your toes is completely achievable. But that’s really not the best part of being flexible. The best part is easier movement, more relaxed muscles, less cramping and less uncomfortable shifting while sitting. Muscles that are moving through their full range of motion are letting joints move fully, and letting bones be where they are supposed to, rather than being cramped and slowly pulled out of alignment.

I teach Pilates. It’s awesome. And effective.

Why I'm different:

I don't just teach the exercises and hope they give you results, I choose the exercises based on an assessment of your body imbalances and an in-depth knowledge what movement will strengthen and support your unique musculature and skeleton. I base each session on your body and your personality and not on a generic set of exercises.

I have been certified in a 600 hour Pilates apparatus and mat course at The Fitness Guru in DUMBO. I have worked with many incredible teachers in New York and have experience training a diverse population of clients. In addition to teaching Pilates I am a certified TRX instructor, and have experience teaching cardiovascular, weight loss, and strength training sessions.

Looking good is a symptom of being in great shape, and I really want to help you get your bones back into place, strengthen the muscles to keep them there, and give you hope that as we get older we don't have to slowly and painfully crumble away. My long term clients look and feel better than they did a week, a month, a year ago. The progress is ongoing, and helps to counteract all the stress living in the city is putting on your body (hunching over bike handlebars, fashionable shoes, inhaling bus fumes, standing on trains, slumping on benches, carrying a heavy bag all damn day.)

What Pilates does: strengthens and tones muscles, aligns and re-balances the body, improves posture, creates more awareness of your control over your body and proprioception.

What Pilates does not do: move in a way that stresses joints and muscles and increases risk of injury or give you shoulders that emerge from your ears.

To schedule a private or small group session please call or email me:
281-787-5809 -
528 Grand St. Brooklyn, NY 11211

We can do this pretty much anywhere. My place or yours, we can make it work.

Your home: I can teach a challenging mat and props class in your home as long as you have enough space to lay down and snow angel your arms and legs without killing yourself. I can also put together a challenging cardiovascular and strength training session in your home, gym or park.

InTone Pilates: I teach Reformer-Tower group classes, private and semi-private sessions on Reformer, Trapeze, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and more props than anyone could ever need at InTone Pilates in Sheepshead Bay. Call 718-998-1200, or go to to schedule an appointment.

Absolute Power: I teach Pilates mat classes several times a week, stop by or call for a schedule- (718) 387-4711